Affordable Savannah
The Need for Diversification

Savannah is becoming increasingly unaffordable for the middle class, artists, students, and some local merchants because we're seen predominately as a vacation spot with great food and art hub instead of a tech hub.

Albeit marginal, Savannah is undergoing a period of growth. In order to maintain the city's allure, we have to place more emphasis on promoting and supporting high-tech and life-science segments which would attract more people moving here for well-paying jobs. This is difficult to do when Georgia's Minimum Wage is currently $5.15 per hour. This is why I need your help to lobby for an increase in the minimum wage for Chatham County and expanding us as a high tech hub.

Job Stability

We are incredibly fortunate to have our port. As the fourth-busiest and fastest-growing container terminal in the U. S., the Georgia Ports offers a bevy of great paying warehousing, trucking, shipping, rail, steel, lumber, and other freight related jobs. Strengthening those activities and ensuring that jobs stay available demands an all-inclusive strategy for growth addressing everything from zoning to infrastructural development.



It's Time, Savannah!
Safer City

Public safety is city government's responsibility. All Savannahians deserve to feel safe at home, workplace, neighborhood and playgrounds.

Affordable City

Jackson's administration is draining the city's coffers at a pace where Savannah's economic forecast is bleak at best. This must change immediately!

Vibrant City

Designing cohesive partnerships between city government and our business communities would provide innovative programs to manage city center revitalization.

Tech Hub

Savannahians are pioneers and visionaries by design. Our community is deserving of every technological advantage to compete not just in the US but globally.