Interconnected City

It’s no secret that Savannah is lacking in the hi-tech and life-sciences areas. There is no reason we can't be the next Raleigh, North Carolina. Charleston became hi-tech hub 6 years ago and passed us by. Don’t forget they have a port, too.

Fostering High Tech

Fostering a high tech hub center can attract more business and start-ups to our area that would logically create thousands of well-paying jobs. By voting me into office, I will fight to put Savannah in line to be the next interconnected city of the south.

We can increase the income and purchasing power of low-wage workers while protecting small businesses, retaining jobs, and fostering economic development. We can use technology to our advantage and look to our own citizens for solutions rather than outsourcing. This is why we have to become more academically diverse and forward thinking.

Last I checked, no appreciable advancements have been formed in the last 14 years.

It's Time, Savannah!
Safer City

Public safety is city government's responsibility. All Savannahians deserve to feel safe at home, workplace, neighborhood and playgrounds.

Affordable City

Jackson's administration is draining the city's coffers at a pace where Savannah's economic forecast is bleak at best. This must change immediately!

Vibrant City

Designing cohesive partnerships between city government and our business communities would provide innovative programs to manage city center revitalization.

Tech Hub

Savannahians are pioneers and visionaries by design. Our community is deserving of every technological advantage to compete not just in the US but globally.