the big picture

Transparency & City Performance

I will propose a new city position and department that focuses on city and government performance. An efficient government is a government that can manage and measure competition, planning and completion of all projects. An audit staff would be able to evaluate all policies and practices and conclude the most efficient way to conduct business, expedite deliverables, remove redundant services and capitalize on newer technologies.

Neighborhoods First Program

Building new areas and water parks are fine if the city can support it. What's not fine is letting our neighborhoods, streets, drainage and infrastructure continue to deteriorate. We have to start putting Savannah and her people first. Taking care of our own starts with creating an affordale housing and livability program.

Streamlining Communications

In an effort to gain a higher level of trust with our citizens, all city business would be made accessible online; even telephone conversations! I propose a communications overhaul that will improve city operations by bringing all the City's public information officers under one roof. A new communications department would eventually consolidate and streamline all existing city communication-related functions into one department while providing improved data-driven service to the media and public.

Savannah Ranks 15th Most Financially Irresponsible

Savannah is becoming increasingly unaffordable and is at risk of losing out on the very diversity it thrives upon. I need your help to pass legislation for an increase in the minimum wage in Savannah. With average debt of $29,894 and an average credit card balance of $4,653 our citizens are struggling to make ends meet. While the current administration is bleeding the city with needless expense, there isn't money left over to reinvest in relief, repair and growth.

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By: Steven Richmond
Posted: January 13, 2015
Smarter Government

By fostering innovation with the assistance of our local business communities and making wiser investments, Savannah would clearly produce brighter economic results. We don't reinvent the wheel, we simply replicate what other cities have successfully achieved.

Common Sense!

If we follow in the footsteps of common sense we can't lose. Indecisions and bad decisions have stalled Savannah's progress. I'm running for Mayor to give Savannah a fighting chance for the future but I can't do it alone. I'm NOT a politician, I've been a servant to the public in the truest sense for many years and I know I will be walking into a messy administration that hasn't been honest with us. This is your chance to make a difference but WE CAN ONLY DO THIS TOGETHER!

It's Time, Savannah!
Safer City

Public safety is city government's responsibility. All Savannahians deserve to feel safe at home, workplace, neighborhood and playgrounds.

Affordable City

Jackson's administration is draining the city's coffers at a pace where Savannah's economic forecast is bleak at best. This must change immediately!.

Vibrant City

Designing cohesive partnerships between city government and our business communities would provide innovative programs to manage city center revitalization.

Tech Hub

Savannahians are pioneers and visionaries by design. Our community is deserving of every technological advantage to compete not just in the US but globally.