Vibrant, Livable & Sustainable

General James Oglethorpe created the ultimate urban village model that was livable and sustainable with mixed-use neighborhoods surrounded by parks within walking distance. His design and strategy for Savannah's growth was dependent upon neighborhood integrity. We have to continue bringing new ideas to support and promote his indelible design. During my first 100-days in office, I will host a Neighborhood Summit with an open forum for discussion so we can all share new ideas to make our community more vibrant, safer, livable and sustainable. That's how it should work.

Community. Outreach. Compassion.

Whether resident or homeless, all people deserve help in crisis from our community. My approach to helping citizens in distress is simple and assuredly decent. I will form an outreach team that will reach out to the most depressed areas suffering from poverty, illness or addiction where people may be too proud or afraid to ask for assistance. The amount of money that has been wasted by needless outsourcing, consulting and frivolous excursions outside our borders and country during Mayor Jackson's administration could have been used for public service instead of serving themselves. My program would give added meaning to the "Hostess City of the South".

A new Outreach & Compassion program would start taking care of our own and build stronger relations with our communities that are unkept and riddled with crime. By providing stronger leadership and better training and equipment for firefighters, police and emergency services, we would be investing in the people who put their lives on the line for our protection. There would also be enough money to add more police, fire and social services to support the program.

Outreach with a Balanced Budget Realized

If we start shifting our priorities and reinvest those wasted dollars into our communities, we would be safer and more vibrant in the end. If Mayor John Cranley can achieve a balanced budget for Cincinnati , then Savannah can too. By recapturing hard dollars lost and putting a stop to irresponsible spending, Savannah would be able to pay for these neighborhood services without sacrificing solid fiscal strategies, balance the budget over time and end the threat bankruptcy.


It's Time, Savannah!
Safer City

Public safety is city government's responsibility. All Savannahians deserve to feel safe at home, workplace, neighborhood and playgrounds.

Affordable City

Jackson's administration is draining the city's coffers at a pace where Savannah's economic forecast is bleak at best. This must change immediately!

Vibrant City

Designing cohesive partnerships between city government and our business communities would provide innovative programs to manage city center revitalization.

Tech Hub

Savannahians are pioneers and visionaries by design. Our community is deserving of every technological advantage to compete not just in the US but globally.