Public Safety is City Government's Responsibility

All Savannahians deserve to feel secure in our homes, have safer neighborhoods and playgrounds, and the ability to explore Savannah without being accosted, bullied or vandalized. My administration will take aggressive and wiser strides to ensure public safety and promise to issue swift new measures to bring to justice anyone that violates the community's trust.

Threat to Public Trust

In a nutshell, Mayor Edna Jackson and Stephanie Cutter (city manager) lack the insight and experience to effectively plan and perform urban safety audits which is a fundamental tool in anticipating crime. Safety audits are the very measure that provides our city planners with critical information on where and when crime is trending.

That alone should reveal how out of touch they are in proactively preserving public trust!

Crime in Savannah has brought about significant social and economic cost to our city in terms of negatively impacting outside consideration for investment, jobs, tourism and new home construction. The rise in crime tears the fabric of public safety, trust and any opportunity for local entrepreneurial endeavors. Crime only dampens the spirit and widens the social gap even further. This must change. The city's budget has been foolishly squandered without serious consideration to redirecting and securing more resources for police, fire and emergency services.

This will change under my administration. I need your support now!

It's Time, Savannah!
Safer City

Public safety is city government's responsibility. All Savannahians deserve to feel safe at home, workplace, neighborhood and playgrounds.

Affordable City

Jackson's administration is draining the city's coffers at a pace where Savannah's economic forecast is bleak at best. This must change immediately!

Vibrant City

Designing cohesive partnerships between city government and our business communities would provide innovative programs to manage city center revitalization.

Tech Hub

Savannahians are pioneers and visionaries by design. Our community is deserving of every technological advantage to compete not just in the US but globally.